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Solarwinds Application Performance Monitoring

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What is APM?

APM, or application performance monitoring, includes SaaS-delivered capabilities designed to provide deep monitoring of .NET on Microsoft IIS applications. APM can deliver down-to-the-code insights into application performance, visualization of performance bottlenecks, and helps prove where and when end-user experiences do not meet designed-for service levels.

AppOptics APM accelerates the identification and root cause of application performance issues.

SaaS-based Application Performance Monitoring for Hybrid and Cloud-Native IT Environments


  • Full-stack visibility
  • Identify and alert on hotspots early
  • Align performance goals with business goals


Unprecedented Visibility

Full-stack visibility into your application performance with AppOptics

Today’s hybrid and cloud-native environments require complete application performance monitoring (APM) and visibility into the health of key applications, their supporting infrastructure, and knowledge of issues that can impact the availability of key systems before they impact your users.

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Optimize Performance

Bring business context into AppOptics performance monitoring

Know your application is meeting service level objectives and performing the way it was designed with an end-to-end view of all the interconnected elements of traditional and modern applications, and services.

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Pinpoint Problems Fast

When systems fail, make sure you can recover quickly

Reducing downtime and impact to users by identifying application errors, resource allocation, or performance issues across the stack. Be able to identify, troubleshoot, and get to a resolution quickly by:

  • Monitoring key APM metrics and transactions
  • Tracing transaction outliers
  • Quickly identifying the service that is at the root cause of your application performance issues

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Cost-Effectively Scale

Cost-effectively scale as your business grows

Be confident that your application performance monitoring tool can scale with you technically and cost-effectively while providing visibility into all layers of your application regardless of where it is running, on-premise or in the cloud, including servers, containers, and serverless environments.

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